About Pamela

Like a great piece of classical music, Pam Thiel’s interiors rely on an inspired mix of simplicity and complexity. A deep knowledge of history, art and architecture inform her projects, which range in style from Spanish Colonial and Craftsman to cutting-edge modern. In every instance, she seamlessly fuses function with flair, creating one-of-a-kind spaces that reflect the personalities of her clients rather than current trends.

Pam’s highly skilled approach allows her to take on every facet of the design process. With a background that includes studying environmental design and art directing on film sets, she’s equally at home designing spaces as furnishing interiors. Her broad repertoire runs the gamut from creating architectural drawings to designing cabinetry and selecting fabrics.

In every phase, her main thrust is rigorous attention to detail and materials, whether fine-tuning the color for Venetian plaster, designing stained glass windows, fashioning patterns for a rustic tile floor or conceiving a raised beamed ceiling.

The quiet elegance achieved in Pam’s interiors is reflected in her own calm, easygoing style that thrives on imaginative problem solving and budget-conscious solutions. Above all, she seeks to create spaces both simple and beautiful.